Community Outreaches, Welfare, and Health and Wellness Advocacy

volunteers giving food to the children
Welfare and Community Outreach
african children eating while sitting on the ground
Ongoing Support for Disadvantaged Populations
man standing near the blackboard teaching children outdoors
Mentorship Programs for Young Adults
caregivers and their senior patients
Elder Care Services
man handing a box of canned goods to a woman
Assistance for the Homeless
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Food Drives and Donations
caregiver hugging senior men and women
Elder Care

Our Community-Based Advocacy Work

Everyone is not born equal in this world. It’s an unfortunate reality that many people face daily, as they live in slums or far-off villages facing a scarcity of resources. As a charity organization, Eniobani-The Hope Anchors, Inc. aims to better the lives of people from underserved communities. We carry our mission by developing and organizing outreach programs promoting the people’s welfare.

With our programs addressing various issues in the community, we hope to narrow the gap that keeps these communities from progressing. Learn more about the programs we facilitate and consider supporting our cause in the way you find best.

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